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Event Period : 12/22 - 12/25

Emerse in the joy of the holiday season with WESTGATE Hotel ! This year, WESTGATE Hotel has partnered with Hiwalk to bring joy to our guests. Guests are invited to participate in our special Christmas Lottery Drawing, with Xmas prizes

Terms and conditions

  • Limited to hotel guests during event period. One drawing per room.
  • Prize quantity limited. While supplies last.
  • Event details and conditions subject to change with notice.

Hiwalk! The No. 1 handmade eggroll in Taiwan!


Hiwalk Eggroll is a signature souvenir for visitors to Taiwan. Our eggrolls are handmade from fresh eggs, butter and filled with homemade peanut butter.

Our eggrolls are made from selected eggs from Lee-Yi farm (立益牧場) at Pingtung in Taiwan and the Anchor Butter from New Zealand. No water or milk is added!

After being baked at 200°C, the crispy golden-color eggrolls are then filled with our rich homemade peanut butter. The crunchy eggroll together with the creamy peanut butter inside will give you a taste that’s unforgettable! Try it on!

Hiwalk Eggrolls are all handmade locally in Tamsui, Taiwan.

*Hiwalk Hall of Fame from Hong Kong & Taiwan*

Taiwan Artist: Pauline Lan 藍心湄
Taiwan Actor: Ruby Lin 林心如
Taiwan Singer: Phil Chang 張宇
Taiwan Artist: Loretta Yang 楊惠姍
Hong Kong Stylist: Wyman Wong 黃偉文
Hong Kong Singer: Grace Ip 葉佩雯
Former deputy mayor of Taipei City : Ou Chin-der 歐晉德
Red Dot Designer: Tai Wei Zhang 張泰瑋
Illustrator: 辛卡米克
..... Etc.

Special thanks to the following media reports:

Taiwan: TVBS, ET news, Eslite spectrum.
Hong Kong: Apple Daily