Beautiful Christmas 2019

This Christmas season, WESTGATE Hotel partners with HAPPYHAIR to bring joy and style to our guests. Relish the holiday season with WESTGATE Hotel!

☆Lucky Draw 2019/12/20-12/25

Room Guests are invited to participate in our Special Lucky Draw Event - Chance to win a “HAPPYHAIR Haircut/Shampoo Free Voucher” or “HAPPYHAIR Travel Set + Luggage belt”

☆VIP Special 2019/11/28-2020/1/9

Enjoy Special VIP Discount by 2 ways at the Following HAPPYHAIR Store : 

  1. Show your Key Card at HAPPYHAIR.
  2. Present Coupon at HAPPYHAIR. (Get Coupon with any purchase at Unwind Bar & Restaurant )

  • 台北市 Taipei City
市府店Taipei City Hall、永吉店Yongji、松⼭店Songshan、文華店Wenhua、⺠⽣店Minshen、雙城店Shuangcheng、伊通店Yitong、師⼤店Shida、⼤直店Dazhi、⻄湖店Xihu、南京店Nanjing、天⺟店Tianmu、北投店Beitou、育德店Uhder、明⽔店Mingshui、東湖店Donghu

  • 新北市 New Taipei City
徐匯店St. Ignatius、樹林店Shulin、板林店Banlin、蘆洲店Luzhou、板橋店Banqiao、泰⼭店Taishan、裕⺠店Yumin、中央店Zhoungyang、府中店Fuzhong、雙和店Shuangho、復興店Fuxing、永樂店Yongle

Find the nearest HAPPYHAIR :

  1. Lucky Draw Event is limited to hotel guests during event period. One drawing per room.
  2. Advance reservations required to use the “HAPPYHAIR Haircut/Shampoo Free Voucher” and or VIP Discounts.
  3. HAPPYHAIR rules and regulations applies to all HAPPYHAIR services.
  4. Event details and conditions subject to change without notice.